👋 Hello literary universe! 👋

And welcome to my literate world! My name is Tara 😁, a student of EDUC1707 Literacy in Primary and Middle Years Contexts, and I am on a mission 🚀 to answer the following questions:

😝 What is literacy?
😎 What does it mean to use literacy in 2015?
😄 What does it mean to be literate?
😱 What are my regular literate practices? How do I engage with them?
😳 Do my literacy practices reflect my own family and schooling history?

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Within these posts, you will find the first four weeks of my exciting journey through EDUC1707. Here, I will share my thoughts and understandings, as well as my insights into what I have learned within this course as well as throughout my life.

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Oh, and my reference list can be found below.

I hope you enjoy reading and viewing my blog 🆒…

… while also learning a little bit about myself 👧 and my journey into the depths of literacy. 🌸

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All photos/images/GIFs were found on Google and Tumblr, and/or are mine.